Joseph Mancuso (josephmancuso) wrote,
Joseph Mancuso

Time Flies

Well, that went by really quick. I'm already a mere two weeks out from my scheduled launch! I thought i'd drop a quick line to let you know how it's all coming together.

Little by little, i've been chipping away at the to-do list. A lot of what's been done is infrastructure (like setting up pages on places like facebook, youtube, reverbnation, and kickstarter) and prep-work (like two script revisions for the video). There's still some big stuff to finish — mostly the video production and getting the main website in place — so i'm trying to pick up the pace. I hope to keep things simple, but the devil, as they say, is in the details, which i have yet to tackle.

... but that's all just business, right? What about music?

On that front, most of the time spent has really just been starting to play again and have fun with it. That may not seem like much, but it was actually a big step for me. Prior to this past September (and a moment of non-negotiable inspiration), i literally hadn't picked up my guitars for over 2½ years. We had some catching up to do.

At first, i literally went back to basics and broke out the music book that effectively taught me guitar: my 1983 edition of "Rush Complete". As always, it's the first handful of albums that really make for the best solo acoustic play. I've been running through many old favorites, but have found myself particularly drawn to the "Bacchus Plateau" movement of "The Fountain Of Lamneth" for some reason. Perhaps it's how much the line "Give me back my wonder, i've something more to give" seems to hit home. ( ... or maybe that i'm projecting my newfound, more carefree approach to original music onto the line that follows!)

As the weeks passed, i started dusting off some old North material, playing around with songs like "Chasing The Storm", "Centipedes", and "Pacifica". The real fun, though, was finding my old cryptic chord charts and notes from the post-Drowning-In-Sky tunes. When i start digging into songs like "Second Rate", "Greatness", or "Mango" — or find myself musing on entirely unperformed new tunes, like the lullaby-esque "Half A Lifetime Ago", or the hyperactive a-cappella "Left On Base" — i start getting genuinely excited about this whole process again.

For me, at this tenuous point of restart, that little trickle of excitement is a precious voltage. It's the first sign of a real and pure power source for this new engine that i'm cobbling together. More than ever, i'm now really looking forward to seeing what it can do. ... and making that discovery alongside anyone willing to join me for the ride.

Whether or not i'll make my little self-imposed deadline remains to be seen, but either way, i'll be working hard to get this journey underway. Thanks kindly for following along.

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