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So here we are. Happy St. Patrick's Day! 16 years ago tonight, North had our first official public engagement: a few-song opening set for good friend William "'Liam" van Kampen. Markus and i had the kind support of some other good friends in the audience that evening, including percussionist Tom Sharpe, who reminded us after the show that he'd be up for jamming with us sometime if we'd like to try it. ... and not long after, the first trio that kicked off 10 more years of North music was born.

So why do i bring this up? ... other than just my normally being a dangerously sentimental guy? It's because of the little deadline i set for myself this past New Year's Day. My goal was to have my new project set up by today, and a short video to go with it.

Well, i'm here to proudly announce that i'm going to miss that goal, but that i'm okay with that (although i do apologize to any of you who might be waiting on it).

The good news is that great progress has been made. (In fact, up until about a week or so ago, i thought i might even still make my goal.) I've gotten most of the mechanics out of the way, and have engaged some help in finishing up the final website design. The video has been scripted, and i've located a lot of photos that i can use for it (again with much help). As i thought they might, some of the details are taking some extra time to work out, so it'll likely take another few weeks for everything to finally fall into place.

In years past, i'd've likely stressed a lot more over a blown deadline like this one. Now, however, i merely consider it a natural part of trying to work on a creative project with only the small morsels of time and energy that are left over after all of the "real-life" commitments have been addressed. To be honest, i'm thrilled enough about the progress made so far that i'm really just looking forward to finishing things up, and not worried about how accurately i can guess how long it will take. Again, i hope i haven't disappointed anyone, but i also hope that the extra time will be worth it.

So, i officially usher this first stage of the new project into the cinematically glorified world of things like zombie flash mobs and classic Frank Langella films. We have moved beyond the deadline, and therefore presumably into the realm of the undeadline.

... and so, my goal still stands, undaunted, beyond the supposed point of its demise, slowly lumbering along towards its unknown moment of redemption, still firmly chewing on my brain. As i work toward discovering the exciting conclusion of this emerging B-movie plot, i'll definitely keep you posted. Thanks for your patience. :)
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