Joseph Mancuso (josephmancuso) wrote,
Joseph Mancuso

Too Comfortable?

The past several weeks have been pretty busy. In that time, i've been blessed with recovering from a very nasty flu, completing two wonderful multi-hundred-mile trips, co-hosting at least two awesome gatherings, being part of several others in at least four states, and fielding a kinda cool new task at the day job. This is all good.

The downside, of course, was losing track of the music thing. Having blown my original deadline, the list of activities above carried me off. Without a new deadline to anchor me, i was left to my own distractions. This uncommitted state, while comfortable in some ways, really got to bothering me.

So, that observation made, it would seem that a new deadline is in order. Based on the remaining tasks and the schedules of those assisting me, along with some margin to account for additional "real-life" entanglements, i'm inclined to give myself a good block of time. On a more subjective note, it's nice to aim for a date with some significance to it, so ...

Independence Day, 04 July.

That gives me 9½ weeks (not on purpose, i swear) to meet the goal. I'm on it.

In additional good news, some of those aforementioned awesome gatherings involved playing some music with (and for) other people. I haven't played for anyone since my silence-breaking special-request performance this past September, and not with anyone in years. The experience was wonderfully simple and organic, at once humbling and inspiring. A few kind souls offered encouraging words that are especially helpful now, as well.

In short, i'm very moved to re-engage here. I hope to be feelin' independent come July.

Tags: goals, jams

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