Joseph Mancuso (josephmancuso) wrote,
Joseph Mancuso

Under The Wire!

Well, here we are, at launch deadline Take 2, and i dare say i just made it. It was (of course) a little more complex than i'd hoped, but on the whole i'm very excited about the launch.

I'm very grateful to say that things came together fairly well, albeit with the necessity for a few unexpected workarounds.

Our first twist was my poor web designer coming down with a prolonged illness that set him hopelessly behind on all of his projects -- including this one. Not wanting to have him miss the job, i finally decided that a fancy website wasn't really necessary right away. I managed to hack together a temporary site myself using classically derived archaic 1990s HTML coding techniques. (Yes, there was a web back then, and i was on it!) It's not terribly pretty, but it's got all the basics, and that's all we really need for now. We'll worry about a nicer site later on when our designer is feeling better.

Our logo designer is the mighty pan-media artist and cult video demi-God Nate Higley (who's also a long-time independent musician himself). Nate had his own setbacks early on in the project related to a death in the family, but he burned a lot of midnight oil to get me the final logo, just in time, earlier this week. ... and it came out really sharp. Sincere thanks to Nate for pulling it off under the wire.

The biggest hitch was my own. 5 hours into video filming, i learned that i didn't truly understand the locking mechanism on my new tripod. ... the hard way. After its 5-foot unbridled trip to the floor, my digital video camera would yield neither sign of life nor the tape trapped within it. After a few hours of panic and attempted disassembly, i lashed my iPhone to my tripod and pressed forward. The loss of footage and time (and my beloved camera) was tough to take, but i'm thankfully pretty happy with how the end production turned out (see below).

Of course, amidst all of this, a lot went right, too. My trusty seven-year-old MacBook hung in there through hours of video editing and file-transfer madness. I got tons of help from friends collecting and checking photos for the video montages. A few key folks, including my North counterpart Markus Nee, provided invaluable advice and encouragement along the way. Most of all, my loving family supported my long hours and late nights -- including most of my holiday today -- getting this crazy project done.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who had any part in helping me to get this launch together, however small. Every bit of support really means a lot to me.

Now, i'm looking forward to taking a quick breath, and then getting to some music. I'm pretty stoked to kick off the first of the new releases, and i have a few specific potential goodies in mind ...

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