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The Real-Life Merge

Much in the theme of my last post, life presses on, at once inspiring and challenging the creative process. Also in that theme, i turn to goals and deadlines as tools to try to address those challenges.

I certainly reminded myself of the importance of those tools in that last post, but did you notice how i didn't actually use them yet? Yeah, i'm sneaky like that.

So without further ado, damning the torpedoes and all that, here we go!

By Halloween, one month from now, my goal is to have all of the following:
  • a dedicated time for music work in my weekly schedule
  • a crowdfunding mechanism set up for micro-projects
  • a voting system in place for fan-selected productions

I'm tempted to throw the final website on that list, too, but that involves other people, so we'll call it "extra credit".

While i'm working that -- and some fun new material -- i'd love to hear from the hardcore fans on what musical curios sounds most interesting.

So what would you most like to hear? ... lo-fi archival cuts of North favorites played live? ... or maybe the more obscure North tunes that never made it to CD? What about roughs of new solo material? ... or a homespun cover or two? Any/all of the above?

Please feel free to comment (below or via facebook) with your ideas. I look forward to hearing from you and getting some stuff going on this!

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vote early, vote often

I'd go with obscure tunes, and maybe covers.

Also, what are you dressing up as for hallowe'en?

Re: vote early, vote often

Not sure yet. Maybe a tired advocational musician who just barely pulled a deadline out of the fire?

I know, it's one i've done before, but i figure, play what you know, right? ;)

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