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Joseph Mancuso

Launch! ... Again!

Well, here we are, another holiday-based deadline behind us. I'm not feeling very articulate right now -- partially due to mild sleep deprivation -- but I'm very grateful to report that my trusty old tools of goals and deadlines (and my 7-year-old MacBook) have come through for me again. The past two weeks have been crazy busy on this front, but thankfully, there are some results to show for it.

First, the new crowdfunding campaign was officially launched by my Halloween deadline (well, at least by West-Coast time). It uses a site called Patreon, which allows creative projects to release bits of material both freely to the public and exclusively to supporters. Supporters can make pledges for as little as they like (even 25 or 50 cents) for each exclusive release, and also cap it by the month to ensure that it never goes over a fixed maximum. In my video of "The Plan", i detail how i'll to use the site to share a mix of free weekly videos and exclusive "insider's releases" of works in progress.

Second, the system for earning and tracking Votes has been set up. Votes are the means by which fans and supporters get a voice in prioritizing more serious productions that will get funded for public release. I cut together another quick video about "How To Claim Your Votes" that explains more about this.

After getting all that launched by late Friday night, i charged immediately into cutting stuff together for my first weekly video, which just hit late last night. Rather than giving in to the temptation to talk more about infrastructure or video ideas, i decided that it was time to start talking music. This kickoff video highlights a bunch of songs -- from late-North-era material to brand new tunes -- that could all be candidates for the first few "insider's releases". ... and (as i recently did here) it asks for input from fans on which music they'd most like to hear.

So, that covers it, right? Just about. For those paying close attention, there's a small loose end. There was one more bullet on my goal list for Halloween: to figure out what my regular time for music would be. Thankfully, i hit that one, too. ... sort of.

Given my current life schedule, regular music time would have to hit on the weekends. ... but weekends are never quite the same, so booking a regular time is tough.

The solution was to set a time budget. At the top of each weekend, i try to identify a total of 4 hours that i can put toward music (usually prioritized behind 4 hours of house project stuff that needs doing). It's something of a loose system, but it's working better than the one i had before -- which was no system at all. :)

So that's the latest. I'm humbly declaring victory at these new kick-offs, many small imperfections notwithstanding. My next deadline, of course, is now built in: one video posted by early Wednesday morning every week! Frankly, it's a bit daunting, so i'm trying to keep them simple. We'll see how it goes, and how much feedback i get from folks following along.

... and from those conversations (hopefully) comes music! I hope to be in touch on the YouTube channel with more very soon. Thanks for reading!

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