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Feelin' The Rhythm

So, here we are, living the dream! ;) The project is launched, the Patreon campaign is running, the first Insider's Release is out, and a half-dozen weekly videos have been delivered on time so far. I've identified at least as many different "categories" of videos that i'll be making, and lined up the next few candiates for releases and songs to think about.

"So, how's it all going so far?" you might ask.

"Well," i answer, even if you haven't actually asked, "let me tell you!"

On the whole, things are going pretty well. The weekly videos are fun to plan and think about, and the regular deadlines keep my musical and creative wheels turning, which consequently keeps the project from being flooded and stalled out by the ever-present waves of "real life" crap. While i haven't had as many views or subscribers as i thought i might (relative to the number of folks following on facebook, email, etc.), i've had some nice responses and feedback from those who are viewing, and it's been encouraging. I've been trying to take a lot of that feedback to heart and think of ways to make improvements going forward.

One of the themes that's coming through in a lot of the feedback -- as well as in my own thoughts -- is that it'd be nice to have more music in this music project. :) The weekly videos are too frequent for me to be cranking out my own musical material for them every week (especially given my "real life" schedule), but i'd like to find more ways to sprinkle a little more in as i go.  The tricky irony of this, of course, is that while the new weekly pace has stepped up the amount of time i spend on the project overall, most of that time is consumed in preparing the weekly videos.  I've been playing a little more, but haven't really gotten into a rhythm yet with regular time for practice, writing and recording.

As i move forward, then, i'm really looking for ways to streamline the weekly video process. I've already made some improvements that are helping me spend less time on them. I may also be experimenting with making them a little shorter -- covering a bit less material in each one, and maybe spreading a topic out over a couple of videos -- to get more product per production time. Adding more music to the discussions is also something i'd like to do, but doing so has the disadvantage of increasing production time (because it requires more edits and stills, plus extra time to select the audio excerpts). I'll keep working that and see how it goes.

"What can we do to help?" i so totally hear you asking in my self-deluded head.

Great question! Aside from the usual things (subscribing, spreading the word, jumping in on Patreon, claiming your Votes, finding me a lucrative part-time day-job that would let me focus more time on music, etc.), i could use more input and suggestions on the weekly videos. I have a list of ideas of things i could talk about, but i'd much rather talk about the things that you folks would like to hear about. Any ideas -- both on the videos and the project overall -- are always more than welcome.

Other than that, just keeping in touch is great. I hope that you're finding some of the project's output enjoyable so far, and i hope to keep things growing so that we can get to more and more fun stuff as we go. Thanks again for listening!

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One topic I would like to hear about is the stories of how you met and ended up working with different musicians who appear on your recordings, and what they brought to the project musically and how it was awesome.

That's the sort of topic I would hit, like, once a month to sprinkle through the others. If you have recordings from rehearsals or other stuff that's not released but reveals something about how you worked together, that would be cool too, but I'm guessing it would take time to dig that up so maybe not cost-effective, timewise.

Hey, 'Mouse! Thanks so much for the idea on this -- that's a really good one that i'm going to add to my list right now. I also love that it's something that could be a nice collection of videos that go together, and wouldn't be too tough to make. (You have excellent engineering sensibilities!) :) Sprinkling in the musical bits would also be nice, but yeah, i'll have to see what i can dig up. (The stuff that Markus and i first did together is on _cassette_!! Yes, we're old.) I can maybe dig up some photos, too, if they aren't too embarrassing. ;)

Thanks again for the great comment here, and your support elsewhere. It's really appreciated! Take care and talk soon!

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