Joseph Mancuso (josephmancuso) wrote,
Joseph Mancuso

Gathering Momentum

It's been a little while since i've written, so i thought it was time for an update.  Given that i'm already releasing something resembling a "video blog" on a weekly basis, it seems a little redundant to post as much on here.  However, i feel like there's still room to talk about the "meta-process" and the project at a high level.  Plus, it's just nice to write sometimes.  :)

We're well into a new year now, which means that it's been over a full year since i officially announced my plan to resume musical work (New Year's Day, 2014).  Given that it's been so long, i guess it seems like i've been moving at a pace that suggests adjectives like "relaxed", "migratory", or perhaps even "glacial".  From certain standpoints, i suppose that it's fair to say that i haven't cranked out as much as some might expect for a 14-month span.

In truth, however, that pace has been at least partially deliberate.  This relaunch project has been challenging for me in a few ways.  I had to think about how to convey my background and intentions for going forward, and spend some time refining those ideas.  I got a lot of helpful feedback from friends along the way that i wanted to fold in.  I wanted to take the time to come up with an infrastructure that i thought would approach the expectations of people already familiar with my work, but that would also leave me room to explore new methods and directions.  I wanted something that could enable audience growth, too. ... and i really wanted something sustainable, since my creative ideas almost always reach beyond practicality unless carefully checked.  This relates closely to the last (but certainly not least) factor: good ol' time limitations.

Thankfully, i feel like i'm off to a good start.  With 17 weekly videos behind me, i feel like i'm getting a handle on how to keep up with them (more or less).  With that, my most aggressive goal, now starting to feel stable, i'm thinking more about how to pick up the pace in terms of releases -- both Patreon-supported Insider's Releases and the occasional free/public bonus items.  Alongside this, i'm also starting to think about how i might want to tweak the weekly video content, if possible, to work in more musical bits where i can.

At this particular moment, i'm prepping to finish roughing up a track for this month's Insider's Release, which i hope to get posted by this weekend.  After cutting some scratch tracks for it last weekend (including working up some fun harmony parts), i'm getting pretty excited to get it out there.

That excitement, in and of itself, is actually something for which i'm very grateful.  As i mentioned in one of my first few posts, it's easy for that to get lost in the mix of goals and deadlines, expectations and fears.  After nearly two decades of making music, it's not always easy to believe in the value of what i'm doing.  Finding that faith is critical to moving forward; it gets me looking forward to writing and recording, and is thereby the force that makes it all go.

I'm hoping that, in the coming months, that energy will start to snowball and make it easier and easier to get the music out there. ... which, after all, is the whole point.
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