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Yes, it has indeed been something like eight months since i've posted here, so i thought it was worth taking a few moments to give a quick hello and an update.

Those who follow along via facebook, Patreon, or YouTube have likely already noticed the recent pickup in activity.  A few weeks ago, i kicked off Season 02 of the Weekly Videos, and i have tried to use it as a launch point for a (hopefully) more enjoyable video format and some more (very) informal releases.

For those few dedicated and awesome folks who read this blog, however, i can offer a little more insight.  :)

From the jump -- and very much as expected -- one of the biggest challenges to this project has been time.  For most independent artists, creativity is forced to happen alongside the higher-priority demands of some unrelated vocation.  For many in that group, the additional pragmatics that go along with sustaining oneself (and maybe also a family) also trump artistic pursuits.  Very often, especially in the common American model, there is little time left.

Closely related to this are the resources of energy and motivation.  The conditions under which we live our daily lives can have a huge impact on our ability to stay active and excited about doing creative work.

Very thankfully, some recent changes in my vocational roles have rearranged my schedule in positive ways with respect to all of these factors.  In addition to having a little more time to devote to "extracurriculars", this change has enabled me to make my vocational time more efficient and my lifestyle a little more healthy.  When i do find that bit of extra time to think about music, i find myself both more energized and more inspired to take action on it.

As a final ingredient, these recent changes were timed well.  They came just in time for my target date for launching Season 02, and not long after some very helpful conversations with some of my most supportive Patreon backers.  When the little boost of time and energy showed up, i felt like i knew exactly how i wanted to use them to make some changes to the project and move forward.

In the end, i'm hoping that all of this will mean more things to share -- ideas, exchanges, and music old and new -- in the months to come.  Thanks for listening!
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