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... and i also mean that literally, as i'm writing while on a train. I like trains.

(... and to those of you who might ask, yes, this one's mine. ... figuratively.)

I'm happy to report that it's been a cool fall for the project. The new Weekly Video format has been working out (at least from my perspective), and i've gotten some nice feedback from a few viewers about the music links that i've been adding each week. We've had two Insider's Releases and two Insider's Freebies for our Patreon supporters, most of which were oriented around sharing unreleased material from various stages of the North era. There's more old material already in the queue, and hopefully much more to come as i dig through my archives. There are also a few newer things that i may throw in as i go.

In addition to some of the time factors that i mentioned in my last post, a big part of this recent resurgence of activity came from another magic bullet: lowering my standards. :)

Because of North's legacy of music -- including our very carefully produced, all-stops-pulled full-length album in 2008 -- i had some concerns that my solo efforts and archived pieces might feel very thin and raw to the folks who had been supporting the old project. These concerns were deepened by the fact that many of my Patreon supporters would be paying generous contributions for each of the new releases. The fear of potentially letting people down had me evaluating candidate recordings very critically, and consequently being very conservative about releasing both old and new material.

Thankfully, i got some great guidance from two of my strongest backers. They encouraged me to get more stuff out there, and to embrace the "behind-the-scenes" philosophy behind the concept of the Insider's Release. They assured me that, if they were really disappointed, they would reduce their monetary support accordingly, and that i should trust my other primary backers to do the same. It was more important that i was getting stuff out there. ... because that was, after all, the point of the whole project. Rather than worrying about losing the massive throngs of followers i don't have, i should embrace what i'm about and find whatever following that will bring.

So here we are. In the last two months, i've put out two very rough demo cuts of old tunes (discussed here and here), one ancient piece of North curios transferred from cassette tape (details here), and a hacked a cappella arrangement that i put together in maybe an hour for my alumni group to check out (story behind that one here). It's honestly been rewarding and freeing to hear some of these relics, get that stuff out there, and receive folks' comments on it.

The most interesting part is that the freeing effect is starting some new wheels turning in my head. I find myself thinking more openly about new material i could start putting together, and entertaining some fairly crazy ideas about new things to take on. I'm not sure how far into the deep end i'm going to dive just yet, but at this stage of the game, having ideas to be excited about is a huge value all on its own. We'll just have to see where they go.

I'm hoping that they'll go to places that you'll enjoy checking out, but i'm not worrying about it. I'm gonna do my thing, and trust you to do yours by letting me know what you think.

I guess it really is just about truth all around. Thanks for keeping it real.

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