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Well, it's been awhile, hasn't it? I'm happy to say that i actually got caught up in doing music there for a minute and forgot to write. ... and then, as the rest of life got busy again, i forgot everything entirely. So let's take a moment to catch up.

JoCoAlbMo 2016 (the topic of my not-so-recent last post) was very much a success. What started as a crazy idea to get me creating music again ended up becoming a somewhat epic undertaking, but i was able to meet my goal of creating a full-length concept album in a month. Beyond that, my concept grew into a very interesting mix of work, and it served as something of a cathartic documentation of my journey as an artist from the conclusion of North to the decision that music was still worth making. As one might expect, the resulting album is weak in terms of production, but for those who can overlook that, i believe that it offers a wild and emotional journey that i'm proud to say captured my artistic vision very well. Put another way, if i ever were to remake the album in a professional studio context, i feel that the result might be one of the best records i could ever create.

The year-or-so that followed were a mix of efforts musical and non-musical. I spent some time spinning up my guitar playing again, wrote another song or two (including a rare live rough cut on YouTube), and also ended up taking on two projects for JoCoAlbMo 2017 (with mixed-but-interesting results). In that time, i also had a lot of non-musical challenges to meet, including an unanticipated move, a particularly demanding stretch in my vocational job, and a long-envisioned cross-country adventure with my family. The final big change of particular relevance here is that i also completed the recovery of costs on the final North record, which was part of the goal driving my Patreon campaign since my 2014 relaunch.

That last item, as well as some lessons learned in the process of pursuing my weekly videos, has led me to restructure the project a bit. With the main financial goal achieved, and having a much more realistic perspective on internet viewership and crowdfunding, i plan to de-emphasize the weekly videos and the Patreon campaign. I would like to return my focus to more direct creative pursuits and online releases, and i plan to continue to share special materials with my "Insiders", who have so wonderfully supported me all along the way.

While i still have some details to work out, my rough guess at my next main goals are these:

  • I'd like to do a quick minor update of the main website to reflect the new emphasis, with possibly a new "project intro" video.

  • I want to resume my plan to get an at-least-rough recording of every song written to date (with Insiders having access to the full collection).

  • I'm thinking about doing a spoken word album (been musing on the idea for years), starting up later in 2017.

  • I'd like to do the math on the feasibility of a new full-up studio album, with production starting after the completion of JoCoAlbMo 2018.

Me being me, i can't imagine that these goals won't morph over time. However, with the clean slate that i have before me right now, these feel like the next steps.

For the few of you still following along, the support and interest is appreciated. I very much hope to get some stuff out there that you'll enjoy in the months to come.
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