Joseph Mancuso (josephmancuso) wrote,
Joseph Mancuso

Slow & Steady

OK, so i'm (perhaps obviously) not posting to the blog as often as i'd like, but i'm happy to report that things are nonetheless happening. ... albeit gradually.

As of now, i'm still moving forward on the goals that i described in my last post. As planned, i gave the website a quick once-over, just to reflect the shift in the project's focus. I have a few loose ends i may eventually tie up there -- like updating the Patreon site and introduction video -- but i don't want to get further caught up in logistics at the expense of creating. To that point, i've also made some progress on the artistic goals, which is of course the more exciting part.

I've done some serious diving in on the spoken word project, and am aiming to have that done by mid-winter. I've hunted down most of the pieces that i originally had in mind for inclusion on the album, and have been reaming a lot of my written materials for other pieces to add. Surprisingly, i'm reaching the conclusion that i could probably find enough material to make a solid two (or more?) records, which is a great place to start. I'm nearing the end of my material search, and preparing to start some test recordings in the coming week or few. The big question on this project is how crazy i want to go on the production side -- e.g., using a fancy mic, or including background sounds/music. As much as i'd like to make the recording the best it can be, it's more important to me that i get it done, so i don't want to get too caught up in the details.

Another drive to get the spoken word project done on time is because i've already lined up what i want to do next. Wrapping the current project by, say, sometime in January gives me time to regroup and prep for JoCoAlbMo in March, after which i then want to get serious about recording a musical solo album in 2018. Some initial conversations about this major project have already occurred, including with a producer who i'd love to have head up the record. This is a very exciting prospect, and in some ways, i'm really looking forward to diving into it. Some of the next steps -- like starting to identify songs and scoping the production-levels for each -- will likely get some attention prior to JoCoAlbMo for that reason.

... and it's on that song-selection process, at long last, that my Insiders and long-time supporters will finally get to use their "Votes" and VIP status to have an influence on the project. More on that -- and progress overall -- in the months to come.

As always, thanks for listening!

Tags: goals, jocoalbmo, progress

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