Joseph Mancuso (josephmancuso) wrote,
Joseph Mancuso

Starting Over

Hello and Happy New Year to any and all who've decided to follow the next chapter of my pseudo-artistic adventures. :) I hope this note finds you and yours off to a great start for 2014.

I created this journal quite awhile ago, but haven't really had occasion to post here until today. It was intended as a "blog" for my musical pursuits, particularly those separate from North (for which northmusic had been created). Not long after starting it, however, things in my personal life got a little crazy.

Depending on how you count, i've been on a hiatus from anything resembling professional music for somewhere between 3+ and 5+ years. In that time, i've started three new day-jobs in two new offices at one new company, moved myself three times and my family twice across nearly 700 miles and three different states, spent nearly one year contracting and job-hunting and one more working far from home, and topped all that with a typical array of life's more "normal" distractions from creative endeavors.

There's perhaps more that i could say about the artistic ups and downs of my unintentional time off, but today, New Year's Day, i want to focus on the future.

The waves from the last of the foreseeable major life changes — a recent job transfer and move back toward my roots in the Greater NYC-Philadelphia area — are finally starting to settle. The busy holidays are over and a new year is underway. With the hope that life might soon be returning to "normal" (whatever that may be), i feel like today is a good day to start over.

I once heard it said that a goal is a dream with a deadline, so i'll set one. This year's St. Patrick's Day is the 16th Anniversary of North's first public live performance back in 1998.

By 17 March, i want to have three things:
  1. a solid plan;
  2. a short video to tell you about the plan; and
  3. a next step (for both of us) in the plan.

It may seem like a slow start, but believe me, after the few months i just had, even just typing it here is daunting. Right now, any start feels like a good start.

Between now and St. Pat's, i'll try to drop a line from time to time and let you know how it goes. Until my next note, thanks for reading.

... and please, if you would, wish me luck! :)

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