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the music of Joseph Mancuso

Joseph Mancuso
Versatile songwriter-performer Joseph Mancuso was freshly celebrating a 13-year milestone in Southeast Michigan's independent scene when "real life" intervened.

Now, half a decade later, the former North frontman re-emerges on the East Coast with a simple and honest blend of old and new.

facebook (stay in touch): www.facebook.com/josephmancusomusic

email list (stay informed): www.josephmancuso.com/JMM_contact.html

youtube (video): www.youtube.com/user/josephmancusomusic

reverbnation (music): www.reverbnation.com/josephmancuso

patreon (projects): www.patreon.com/josephmancuso

kickstarter (big projects): www.kickstarter.com/profile/josephmancuso